It’s Wrong For Schools To Be Banning Balls And Games At Recess

Arthur Caplan October 8, 2013 0
It’s Wrong For Schools To Be Banning Balls And Games At Recess

By Lee Igel & Arthur Caplan | October 8, 2013

According to a CBS News report, officials at a middle school on Long Island, NY, are banning the use of certain types of sports equipment that kids usually use for playground games. They are also banning certain types activities. The grinches behind this move to utterly ruin physical activity in our schools are administrators who say they are concerned about students ending up hurt during recess. So, that means there will be no footballs, soccer balls, games of tag, and cartwheels unless supervised by a coach. NERF-type balls, however, will be permitted. Sadly, it isn’t likely that they will be used.

Even in an age when “helicopter parents” don’t let their kids past the end of the driveway and insurance costs make it hard to have a jungle gym on the playground, the move to make schools bat- and ball-free zones is just wrong. And the idea that attorneys should decide what goes on during recess is akin to asking accountants to decide what would be the best way to spend your money at an amusement park.

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