The Sports Cable Bubble

Sports and Society Administrator July 16, 2013 0

By PATRICK HRUBY | July 12, 2013

“What is the Sports Cable Bubble? It’s the unseen economic engine that increasingly powers the sports and television industries alike, all-important and omnipresent, a little like the Force in “Star Wars,” only with money instead of Jedi Mind Tricks. It’s a value balloon that keeps going up, up, up, launched and inflated by America’s collective cable and satellite bill, a perfectly legal shell game built on high-stakes deal-making, entrenched corporate interests and overlapping near-monopolies. It’s the reason why investors paid $2 billion for the Los Angeles Dodgers; why schools have taken to conference realignment like swingers at a 1970s key party; why ESPN is the golden goose of the Disney empire; why Fox Sports 2 is basically a foregone conclusion even before Fox Sports 1 launches; why Solomon was so ridiculously ticked; and why so much of what happens in sports happens.”

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