John Rocker Is Wrong Again — Steroids Don’t Make Sports Better

Lee Igel July 14, 2013 0

By Lee Igel & Arthur Caplan | July 12, 2013

“About 13 years ago, Rocker told a Sports Illustrated reporter how he really felt about New York City, its sports teams, and its mix of people. The obnoxious tirade led to his being suspended by Major League Baseball. It also led to a phalanx of hundreds of New York City police officers stationed at Shea Stadium when he returned there for a game versus the Mets months later. A few years, a few teams, and a shoulder injury later, Rocker pitched in his last Major League Baseball game. Ever since, media outlets have called on him for occasional commentary on sports and politics. Now, he’s telling radio show hosts in Cleveland that baseball was better when it’s best players were using steroids.”

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