The $100 Baseball Bat That Could Save The Major Leagues Millions

Sports and Society Administrator July 9, 2013 0

By Mark Wilson | July 8, 2013

An incredible piece about the future of baseball bats and the hold up…

“It’s April 9, 2013. Gordon Beckham of the White Sox stands at the plate facing down the Nationals pitcher Gio Gonzalez. The promising young hitter has weathered a tough few years of disappointing averages, but his 2013 season is off to a solid start. He’s batting over .300, meaning it could be the season of the turnaround, the year that redirects his career to come… Beckham, who’d never broken a bone in his life, fractured his hamate-a bone in the wrist all too familiar to major league players for its propensity to crack unexpectedly. He’d require surgery and couldn’t be back to play for seven weeks. His turnaround was stopped in its tracks. IT COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED”

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